Wool has a warm, soft appearance, is sound-absorbing and also fire-resistant. That makes it very suitable in the interior, varying from cushions, room dividers, lamps, paintings, wall cloths and woolen rugs. The possibilities are endless and the products can be made in many colors and sizes.

You can give felt a nice transparent structure, for example for a soft and pliable lamp. The spherical shape remains soft; this allows the owner to fold the lamp into different, unique shapes. To make this nicely visible, LED lighting in wool is perfect.

‘The astronomer’s dream’
A series of felt paintings with the theme “The astronomer’s dream” has been growing during the years. These felt panels are inspired by photos taken by the Hubble telescope. The panels contain either LED lights or EL wires. An EL wire is a wire that glows with electricity.

Magnetic foil
A felt work that is glued on magnetic foil, so everyone can make a new composition. The canvas is cut into a number of pieces that can be placed on the wall at random. The wall is first treated with magnetic paint.

It is beautiful felting on open woven cotton. This creates a transparent canvas with a drawing or only with finished felt edges.


small impression interior