Nature, news reports or personal experiences motivates me and that can be found in various ways in my work. The result can be one or more “wool paintings” or three-dimensional works on the same theme. The serie of objects “Shelter” is an example of this of such a starting point.

The shelter series originated after I saw a photo of refugees, who were wrapped in a blanket after they washed up on the beach. Three different works have emerged from this.

The exhibition of felt work in the Gardens of Appeltern was organized by the ‘Dutch Felt Association’. That was a great opportunity to investigate how felt behaves in the open air. For this project I made a number of different types of felt epiphytes.

Doloris Meta Maze
On May 17, 2019, in Tilburg Doloris opened the “Meta Maze” to the public. More than 100 Dutch artists registered for this art maze with 40 different spaces. I was one of the ten chosen artists.

I was given one room, which I designed and decorated as a kind of nest. My objects make you feel like you are in a warm and comfortable nest because of their colorful and surrealistic shapes. They hang from the ceiling, supplemented by small objects on the walls. A variety of shapes and impressions have been created by combining different techniques. This is how my “own nature” came to live. In addition, the added sounds from the walls create a special atmosphere.

The “Meta Maze” was conceived and built by the Karmanoia group, an artist group around the German artist Tim Henrik Schneider. Due to the surprise aspect of the tour that visitors make through the maze, only two photos of my work in my studio may be published.