Felting was a great discovery for me, fifteen years ago. I was already busy painting, sculpting and working with textiles. Felting unites all these aspects. Felt is made from wool and I use different types. I regularly paint them myself with plants and flowers. For every new project I look for the right types of wool, colors and materials. Felting for me is working with natural materials and a pleasant and relaxing activity.
Nature, news reports or personal experiences are the source of my work. I incorporate those themes in my works in different ways. It can result in “paintings of felt” or 3D sculptures on the same theme.

In addition to my autonomous work, I also make commissioned work. Because of my training as a designer I really enjoy working for a specific space, ofcourse in consultation with the client. It is nice to find a balance between boundaries (of space and wishes of the client) and the freedom of my work and ideas.

2019 Doloris Meta Maze, Tilburg
2018 High Five Art Gallery (group exhibition)
2017 De Tuinen van Appeltern (group exhibition)
2016/2013/2006 Beek en Donk
2013 Kruithuis(group exhibition)
2013 Museum of Bags and Purses Amsterdam, thesis of the Sint Lucas course in Boxtel
2011/2006 Eindhoven University of Technology (group exhibition)
2007 Nominated work TextielPlus Dag Nieuwegein